Saturday, February 04, 2012

Snow in Rome


This was taken in Rome Saturday morning at the Parco della Caffarella by Chris Altieri, denizen. Biggest snowstorm in 20 years. A friend of mine texted me just now to say he couldn't come over because he got "snowed in" in the City last night.

It's bright and sunny here today though. Not much sign of the last 24 hours of storms.

It's cold though. My radiators have been going full blast 24 hours a day for three days, and it's still not what you would call "warm" in here.

The pope's back garden.

Romans love snow as much as I did when I was a kid in sunny, non-wintery Victoria. What I want to know is how come Roman kids own snow pants?

He looks a little surprised.

Sliding (very few sleds) at the Circus Maximus.

Someone has one though.

"For Rent"

The sun's out again in Rome and it's so bright with light reflected off the white stuff that it's blazed out the webcam.

Photo hat-tips to C. Altieri, D. Kerr and others via Facebook