Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is this the Faith you're ready to die for?

New theme.

People are dying for the Faith, dying for Christ, right now.

Is this that Faith? Would you give your life for this?


Been in Malta for most of the week, and attended 3 Masses in Maltese. All greyheads, all receiving Communion standing, and on the hand... a general atmosphere of gloom pervading... very, very depressing.

More later.



Anonymous said...

this is the Catholicism that has given us Pope Francis. ICHABOD

ProLIFEmommy said...

I cannot help but think of Meriam Ibrahim... Here she was--ready & willing to die for the faith, while Pope Francis sends the message he has "no interest in converting.." people to the faith...the faith that Meriam, & many nameless, faceless others like this very moment in time, are prepared (and are) to die for. May God have mercy...