Tuesday, July 01, 2014


It's a venerable, wealthy, global institution, that delivers a monolithic set of doctrines to millions of totally unquestioning followers - followers who have never in their lives paused to question or consider alternatives - that for decades covered up the most loathsome sexual abuse of minors imaginable. This abuse was described by police as being "on an unprecedented scale," with a "staggering" number of potential victims.

In fact, it went further than a systematic cover-up. It actively worked, steadily and deliberately, to create social conditions in which such sexual behaviour was accepted. Even now, after the revelations have gone global, it has done nothing to change its doctrines and little to prevent the same kind of abuse recurring.

And yet, no one at the UN, the New York Times, the US Congress or CNN has demanded that the BBC be so much as defunded.

Funny that.


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