Friday, July 18, 2014

You can't kill people to solve your problems... or theirs

The peculiar British, utilitarianism-derived terror of "being a burden" is being exploited by the Death-peddlers.

As someone who was recently "a burden" on my loved ones, I can affirm that it made me a better person, more able to love and accept love from others, less interested in maintaining my white-knuckle grip on my own way in life.

The Brits are suffering from 200 years of philosophical and moral corruption that was visited on their culture by the secularist instinct that grew up like a cancer in the 18th century after the compromises and logical contradictions of the English Reformation failed to hold.



nic j said...

Thank-you. That's it. Nutshell.
You put this better than I could.

nic j said...

In fact, now that I come to think of it, wasn't there once a time when the ritish got het up about killing people to solve problems? And objected strenuously...? In pursuit of some German philosophical conecpt or other Lebens - raum was it? A Mr 'Heetler', or 'Hietler'? There was a time when the British really disapproved of that. I seem to recall.