Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random Saturday ramblings

Well, when you put it *that* way...
"Does 'intrepid archaeologist keeps Nazis from using the Ark of the Covenant as a laser beam' sound like a beloved box office blockbuster?"

One way in which I know that Kathy and I aren't secretly the same person is her weird taste in films, (and she doesn't like sci fi... ???) but I always appreciate her hilarious movie reviews.

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And people say we criticise the bishops! Yikes!

It's hard to argue against his points, though, no matter what you might think of the terms he puts it in. (I actually have no problem with Michael's "tone" and think that people who do are a bunch of prissy little old ladies... In fact, wait... I know lots of prissy little old ladies who have tougher sensibilities. That's an insult to prissy little old ladies. Get a freakin' spine, people. Shee!)

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Full cup of hot espresso...white linen sun dress...

Yep. Aaaaaall over me. And the sofa. Miraculously missed the Mac's trackpad, though.

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Still enjoying the amazing modernian experience of jet lag. I took the melatonin at midnight, two of them!... and was still awake til four am.

Winnie the World-Famous Pest has discovered a new hobby: yowling. Her efforts to get me up at eight-fifteen this morning; walking over my legs, patting my arms, meowing right. in. my. face, sitting on the next pillow and staring at me - all failed, so she went outside the room, sat down in the hallway and, facing the door like a concert master, started this exciting new yowling thing. She's getting pretty good at it, and indeed, it got me up. Yes, I got up, picked her up and dumped her in the spare room, shut the door and went back to bed.

I really tried to get up before noon. I really did! But it took a phone call from a friend, very cheerily asking me all about my trip and talking some very interesting work-shop to get me back to the real world.

Got to go buy groceries today though, so maybe a little exercise will help. Maybe a swim in the green, green sea. Chase some fish. Have a little weekend fun so's I don't get all bleurgy and, as my Auntie Gill says, "lose the benefit" of having the weekends off.

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Teresa B. said...

The link Kathy Shaidle provides to the post about orchestras and musicians used in the death camps is something I never heard of before.

Gerald said...

Oh dear, that Michael Voris. Somebody better help collect Mark Shea's pearls, because they are now scattered all over the floor---and his bottom is too clenched to bend down.

You're right, of course. With more Vorises and fewer quislings, much ecclesial damage could have been headed off.