Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gen-X grumps

If I hadn't met Kathy Shaidle in real life, I would be starting to wonder if we weren't actually the same person, living in parallel universes, communicating through some kind of weird timey-wimey, quantum space/time wormhole thing through the internet.

I grew up with the hippie grownups around me always talking about the Cold War. I didn't know what it was, until one day they explained that the 'Mericans were going to get mad at the Russians and blow everybody up. And it would kill everybody and everything, including all the lions and sunflowers and trees and all the good stuff, and leave the earth a dried up cinder.

And it could happen at any moment without warning.

Thanks for that.

"I sometimes wish I didn’t see the world like this, through a Gen-X filter of self-defensive snark. I didn’t always.


"As the only child of two only children (both divorced multiple times), I was doomed to turn out twisted: timid, taciturn, touchy, and morbidly imaginative. Growing up in the 1970s didn’t help. The Patty Hearst and Chowchilla kidnappings scared me. Hell, Watergate scared me and I didn’t even know what it was. (Something about “bugs.”)



Teresa B. said...

I have commented many times to my husband, about how in some ways you two are similar. That is why I enjoy both of your posts.

I can still visualize current events in Gr. 5 most especially pretty Patty Hearst. The pictures and the robberies.
I remember a bunch of us young girls talking about being afraid of getting kidnapped or being in a bank during a robbery after seeing and reading about this.
And Watergate was about bugs and I guessed that it had to do with someone with a long neck.

Audrey said...

Very true and another great post. Love visiting the site when I get a spare 30 mins or so. x