Monday, August 26, 2013


OK, there's a little secret coming. Something cool. I'm working with someone to start another blog. This one will be much bigger, and more public than our little tea party salon here, so it's taking some time to get developed. But you're going to like it.

Of course, I'll never abandon the Picnic and things will carry on here as usual.

I thought I'd share some of the editorial policies we're working from, see if any of it sounds familiar to our regulars:

I think the basic rules I've learned in blogging for ten years (holy crap!) are the following:

Post short, post often; long posts bore the crap out of everyone, so the rule is no more than one in five long/serious to short/funny

Be entertaining before all else; Charm, not facts will win the masses over to your side

Cultivate a conspiratorial ambiance; readers love to feel like they belong to an exclusive "in-crowd"

Abuse your readers; readers are like women, they get more loyal if you slap 'em around a bit

Police your commboxes; ruthlessly purge, punish and eliminate anyone who doesn't get the joke

When you need money, ask for it; just putting a paypal button on the sidebar will net you no dough whatsoever, you have to directly ask people for it - do it regularly and shamelessly

A black sense of humour is going to be your best friend; attack mercilessly but make em laugh (preferably at your enemies), and don't be afraid to be the bad kid

Remember that you are working to conquer the world; try not to forget that you have to turn it over to Christ when you're done, but your job is conquest first - be a ruthless tyrant for the sake of the Kingdom


1 comment:

Teresa B. said...

I like your long posts!
Though I rarely comment on them.
I do print them out and read them in a more comfortable place.

I do enjoy your nature photos of bizarre creatures that I show to my 14 year old daughter to gross her out!

Looking forward to your new blog!