Friday, August 23, 2013

Most awesome bugs!

I was on my way to the airport, sitting in the station bar having a bottle of water waiting for the train, and just happened to glance over at the railing and saw it in silhouette. A big one! I was very surprised to see it there, quite far from the nearest foliage (at least 20 yards) and just hanging upside-down right where people were going to stamp their train tickets. It didn't move, even a flicker the entire time I looked at it, trying to get a good clear pic.

I refrained from poking it, having had...ahh ... experiences with mantises in the past.

Those little spiny things on its front legs can deliver a wicked slash. But just look at it! So elegant and so deadly.

This beauty was just working the flowers on a buddleia tree, in Scarborough, Ontario.

Mourning Cloak butterfly,

also called a Camberwell Beauty in Britain, Nymphalis antiopa.

Found this one just roosting on the shady side of the building at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, in Barry's Bay.

Don't think I've ever handled such a large moth before.

Ceratomia undulosa, or a Waved Sphinx moth.



Teresa B. said...

I don't recall ever seeing moths that are that beautiful!
Very nice!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Some of the loveliest creatures on earth are moths.

check this out:

I had one in a box for years as a kid. I was fascinated by it.

And this:

All my life I've wanted to see a live luna moth.

Anonymous said...

That is a beho-Moth.

Rico S.