Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Red Pill

This is interesting. I remember being very curious about this project many years ago. By the time I discovered Sr. Irene and her lonely struggle, she was almost done, though. I'm trying to track her down and ask her how things are going now. Anyone know how she might be reached?

The moment when the "scales fell" from her eyes I thought particularly poignant. I remember the pain of Tradding. It was awful, because one of the things I was forced to realise is that there is no "revival" going on in the Church, particularly in the religious life. Everything in the Church is gripped with the same deadly error. Everything. The novusordoist disease is everywhere. It was horrible to realise that there was nowhere to go.



Anonymous said...

Snap! I have often wondered about her as she made such a huge impression on me as a child. I never knew her name until now. I'm sure it was her being interviewed on The Late Late Show and herself so earnest and Gaybo and the audience so amused. Even as a kiddo I knew they were being bullies.

I think the similarity between the names indicates she might be found in Athlone. It's recent enough.
and the last post for July 2012 here

If she were still going and I didn't have family responsibilities I'd have joined her. A great woman altogether.


Anonymous said...

Try emailing


Santiago (friend but not a traddie) said...

Very interesting how you use a gnostic metaphor from a gnostic movie (the Red Pill) to describe your experience.

JohnB said...

From what I've recently read on online threads, she's in another foundation on the West coast of Ireland. Their website mentions nothing about the local bishop, or diocese, or even what order of priests minister there, so my best guess is that they're independent and staffed by similar clergy.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I've received an email from her. She's been living in Dublin looking after an elderly relative for the last 4 years, but will shortly move to a place close to a church that has the Traditional Mass. She's doing nothing more than live her contemplative life of liturgical prayer and making icons.

Dymphna said...

Does she have contact information for buying her icons?

Anonymous said...

You could try emailing her. Or Google Sr Irene Gibson and you'll find her icons.