Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day Two and Second Chimney-Watch - Black smoke

Was just down in the Piazza. It was v. crowded, and end-to-end umbrellas. The weather is pretty nasty, raining on and off with a perpetual drizzle between, and cold. Not Quebec City-cold, but chilly enough to make it less than fun standing around in the Piazza in the rain.

Thank God for the Roman bar, a place of warmth, conviviality, tea, cappucino and sometimes even eggs and bacon. If you're looking for me in the next few mornings, I'll be waiting for the smoke in the All Brothers wine and coffee bar, the one closest to the news kiosk at the bottom of delle Fornaci, right outside the entrance to the underpass leading to the Holy Office. Eggs, bacon, toast and tea for 10 Euros, including table service. There's always a few journalists sitting around ticking away on their Macs who will yell out if the smoke starts, and it's only about a 200 yard dash to the Piazza.


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