Sunday, March 17, 2013

Best Traddie birthday party ever!

So, I went into the City yesterday and had drinks with some nice friends where we talked pope-shop. Then we went to mass and heard Holy Things, then wandered across the bridge and had dinner in Trastevere.

Anyone wanting to wipe out the Catholic Traditionalist movement in the US missed a chance there. Of the ten people present, four of them were Dr. John Rao, Chris Ferrara, Michael Matt and John Vennari. We had cake and a splendid time was had by all. I even got presents!

~ * ~

The weather has remained pretty lion-like, with big wind and heavy overcast today, and the sea really high, but I noticed today that the Beach People of Santa Marinella have started combing the sand in preparation for the season. Last year by the middle of April it was warm enough to at least lie on the beach and read and take quick little dips in the water.

~ * ~

Both lots and not much to say about the new pope. Plenty of people talking, but I've noticed that everyone saying more or less the same things over and over. I do note, however, that it seems the brief moment of fashionableness the Trads enjoyed during Benedict's pontificate has come to an end, and all the neo-conservative world has taken up their former hobby of bashing us and having hysterics whenever anyone says anything that contradicts their popolatry. Oh well. Not like we're not used to it.

~ * ~

I'm having wardrobe thoughts with the appearance of the spring flowers. It really doesn't take much to produce nice things to wear. It's really all a matter of knowing what you want your look to be, and putting pieces together to achieve it.

It may be just the spring, but I'm finding myself once again drawn to the pre-WWI - post Titanic period, long tailored jackets, high or square necklines, lace and French cuffs, long straight skirts. A bit of Season 1 Downton Abbey.

"Shabby Chic" meets the Addams Family, perhaps.

I realise that another word for this would be "frou-frou" but, contrary to the popular rumours, I am, in fact, a girl.



Wendy in VA said...

So glad you had a happy birthday!

Dymphna said...

I read some stuff on other blogs that shocked me. Not the bashing, the level of hate. I thought that the posters must have been waiting 8 years to finally say this.

Teresa B. said...

Glad you had a great Birthday Party!
We still have plenty of snow on our lawn and we are expecting more snow tonight. Last year we had no snow over March Break.
A 3rd order Franciscan we know has been rubbing it in our face about the Pope's name and that we will finally have simplier masses and people can participate in them.
I told her that we already have those masses in most churches!?
She meant the masses at the main cathedrals etc... will have to become more simple and less "out there" as she said.
I didn't want to burst her bubble - but I can't imagine that happening where there is a sense of sacredness already happening in these cathedrals.
I LOVE that outfit!You and Greer Garson could pull off wearing that. I am too chunky.

Tom Ryan said...

Happy Birthday.

I count myself fortunate to have met each of you, dined with one, worshiped with two.
But, 5 in the same place would've been too much.