Friday, March 15, 2013


Unusually for the Catholic liturgical calendar, there aren't really a lot of saints for March 15th. Somehow, though, I have an idea that the Stabbing Anniversary is appropriate for my birthday.



Bad MF said...

Happy birthday :)

John said...

Happy Birthday, indeed.

in partibus infidelium
where it is 62° and
gloriously sunny

Gregory said...

St Longinus the Centurion and St. Clement Maria Hofbauer. Not on the general calendar, but still.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Hilary
All best wishes


Teresa B. said...

Happy Birthday Hilary!
Prayers to you on this day and Thank You for all that you do for us folks!

I was thinking that today may not have been a good day to have the Pope meet with all the cardinals in one room!
Though there was talk that Cardinal Mahoney was not visible in the meet and greet - so maybe he was taken care of. :)

Lynne said...

Well, someone let him tweet again...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! L.Julia Anne Other saints for March 15th: Blessed John Anne (- 1589)
It is hard to know who he was. He may have been John Amias, born at Wakefield in Yorkshire, where he married and had a family: on his wife’s death he divided his property among his children and left for the Continent to become a priest. In this case the surname “Anne” would be an alias. But equally he may have been William Anne, youngest son of John and Katherine Anne, of Frickley near Wakefield.
In any case, on 22 June 1580 a widower calling himself “John Amias” entered the English College at Rheims to study for the priesthood. He was ordained a priest in Rheims Cathedral on 25 March 1581 and on 5 June he set out for Paris and then England, as a missionary, in the company of another priest, Edmund Sykes. Little is known of his missionary life. Towards the end of 1588 he was arrested at the house of a Mr. Murton at Melling in Lancashire and imprisoned in York Castle. He was hanged, drawn and quartered outside York on 16 March 1589, together with a fellow priest, Robert Dalby. Both were beatified by Pope Pius XI on 15 December 1929.