Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roman Forum highlights

The hydrofoil fast ferry across Lake Garda. 13.80 Euros, and gets you to Gardone from Desenzano in 45 minutes.

No shortage of pretty women,

(caught in a rare non-smiling moment)

or handsome young chaps at the Roman Forum.

And surrounded by history

and the Faith.

Singing Vespers before dinner.

Dinners at the Angeli,

the gustatory highlight.

Chris Ferrara, in his talk, anticipated the day They come for us in the black helicopters: "We have you surrounded. Come out with your wine glasses up!"

Michael Matt made a comment at lunch yesterday: "John (Rao) is allowing us to see what we're fighting for."



Andrew Cusack said...

I will make it there, some day.

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