Saturday, July 28, 2012

Help: bumped up

A good friend here, a theology student with a rather poorly paid job, has had his computer stolen. He's in sight of the finish line for his Licentiate in Sacred Theology, and, thank God and all the Guardian Angels, his thesis was stored on a separate hard drive, but it's a big loss and he hasn't much money to spare.

Thieves are pretty clever here. These were a pair working the Trastevere train station. My friend was tired after a day at work, and had put his computer down on the bench on the platform next to him. A guy came up to him asking about train times, and pulled his view away so the computer was just out of his line of sight, and his accomplice just came up in my friend's blind-spot and carried it away.

This sort of thing happens rather a lot here, and visitors are often amazed at how incredibly bold the thieves can be.

I hope y'all won't mind me asking if anyone has a few dollars they can spare to help buy a new one. It's very expensive to ship things over here, but, believe it or not, still cheaper than buying in Italy. He's ordered the new thing, but the Visa bill is going to be pretty hefty.

If you feel up to donating, drop me an email and I will forward my friend's name and Paypal info.

Thanks always for your kindness now and in the past.

Update: the O's P email address is posted on the sidebar. Scroll down to find it spelled out in anti-spammer slang.

Update 2: Special thanks to the three readers, Andrew, Paula and Margaret who have donated to my friend's computer fund.


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Anonymous said...

In return :-) I want prayers. Many prayers because I am about to enter the Holy Mother Church in 5th of August. And I will do it in Okinawa, in a church where after Mass they eat barbeque in the back pews. Well, at the moment this is the only available door to enter the Church.