Friday, July 27, 2012

Pretty stuff

I've no spare dosh at the moment (got to pay off my art class bills first) but when there's a little more, I'm gonna buy me some pretty dresses.

There's a whole load of new clothes shopping sites that specialise in the new trend for retro/vintage clothes. Right up our street.


Red Dress Shoppe

Shabby Apple

Share yours!



The Crescat said...

A favorite of mine is

Ingemar said...

Speaking of art...

When did you first start drawing/painting/artmaking and what did you do?

I got bored at work and started drawing my coffee mug.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I always started by copying famous paintings and copying photos out of magazines. Mostly people, but sometimes simple objects. Trees are a good place to practice too.

Anonymous said...

And here's mine:

Pin Up Girl Clothing


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I'm really not into the pin-up stuff. it's costumes, more than clothes.