Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And you thought the Scots were nuts

Italian bagpipes.

It's something that you learn pretty fast when you move here. Italians are all nuts. Dotty. Bonkers.

But in a really fun way.

This is the annual bagpipe festival in Scapoli, in the heart of my very most favourite Italian region, Molise, an almost unknown little place a paltry hour's ride south from Rome.

I think Molise is where they invented fun.

Yes, you can escape. 9 Euros on the train from Termini and you will find yourself taken back in time, or alternately, transported to one of the very few places left in the world where They can't get you.



Teresa B. said...

OK, so I am part Italian and part Scottish. Couldn't they make the bag a little less like a dead animal?

That second video - that fellow with the bells - that will be my husband in 20 years! He just has to start playing the accordian again!

So funny!

Fr. McDonald said...

Deer Hilary,

What is the name of that kind of lace seen in the first video which seems to be made of pieces sown together, or one piece with holes cut out.

It seems to me that for a liturgical vestment seen from a distance the design should be bolder, like that.

Fr. Paul of Niagara

Fr M said...

That would be "dear" Hilary, of course.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

My mum did that, and called it "cutwork"

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