Wednesday, June 13, 2012







Zach said...

How does it feel being at Ground Zero?

a Christopher said...

... don't people have to pay rent (like, on a monthly basis)? Or is that like taking the bus, too?

Teresa B. said...

YIKES! This is not good!

But then, from what I have heard the Spanish and Greeks have been taking their money out of their banks by the millions already.

I am not sure how a foreigner living in another part of the world deals with banking.
As soon as the month is over - can move your money into a Canadian bank account?

Cosimo must be turning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a mattress stuffed with Sir Wilfrid and Sir John A.

Teresa B. said...

How come he is not the PM in the UK??
I just watched a bunch of Youtube videos where he speaks about the EU.
What a rockin' guy!
Don't hear much from him on the regular TV stations!
I would think this will be a very tense summer in Europe!
Time for a holiday Miss. White?

HJMW said...

I came to Europe with eyes wide open, and in full knowledge, possibly more than most people, of what was coming. I came here on purpose to be in the thick of it.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like Slim Pickens riding that bomb. Ya-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

a Christopher said...

No, Slim actually got that bomb going when it wouldn't go --- the last of a long line of stupid vilains; Hilary is more like Pliny the Elder.

Clinton said...

Sadly, I believe the EMP @ 1:07 is much more
typical of that lot. What does he care? He's
got his, the devil take the hindmost....