Friday, June 29, 2012

Still dancing

Matt Harding: the guy whose life's work it has become to turn the whole world into a Disney musical.

Still regretting having missed him in Rome...

Oh, and Matt? Word to the wise?

Don't tease the North Korean military guard. OK?

Just don't.

~ * ~

Also, go check out his blog. In it, he does some really top-notch travel writing (I've told him when he's tired of being the dancing guy, he should seriously be a travel writer)

and shows us some of the truly weird-ass shit out there.

It's a gold vending machine. It vends gold.

Seriously: "You swipe your credit card, it spits out a slice of gold as if it was a Snickers bar."

Yes, it's in Dubai, land of the weirdly over-rich.

~ * ~
My host in Tokyo was taking me around the city and he asked me what I wanted to do.
I said show me something uniquely Tokyo-ish.
He asked if I wanted to go to a Meido coffee shop.
I said, "what's that?"
He said, "It's a cafe with girls who dress up like french maids."
"And?" I said.
"And they talk to you."
"And?" I said.
"And they play board games with you."
"And?" I said.
"That's it. Just talking and board games."
I said, "Okay, you better take me there immediately."


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df said...

there's one of those gold vending machines in London too. Odd.