Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gardone 2012!!

I'm on my way to Gardone.

Ten days in Catholic Traddie/Restorationist paradise. Got invited and will be going up on Monday!!

I had to miss it last year. It started on exactly the day of my last day of the first Chemo cycle. I spent the whole time in hospital thinking, "Well, at least if I survive this, I can go to Gardone..." But when it was over, contrary to what the doctors had told me, I was so sick I couldn't make it across the apartment, let alone across the country. Every day that week, I sent emails to John saying, 'Maybe I can come up for a couple of days..." And just kept getting worse.

I kept getting emails from the people there saying how much they were missing me and that they were all following my progress on the blog. It wasn't much comfort while I lay around my apartment in pain and misery thinking about all my nice Gardone friends having fun and drinking prosecco without me.

(This was the year before last. Yes, that's me at the end of the table on the far left.)

Thank you, last-minute donor, whoever you are!!!



Anonymous said...


Last month my 18 year old son, Will (whom you can see on my FB page), spent a rollicking time with all these Traddie celebs on the Chartres Pilgrimage. He especially befriended Jamie Bogle, with whom he apparently became the terror of Hollande Jacobins in Brittany pubs.

He came home saying "Boy, I wish I could go to the Roman Forum, now THAT would be fun!"

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Yep. Jamie's a madman.