Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whither the English Rose?

It's hard to tell which country has the least attractive women, Britain or Italy.

I think the two places may not be comparable. They seem to produce equal and opposite types.

The other day I went to the spiaggia and had my first swim of the season, and there certainly was an impressive assortment of skinny, rotisserie-chicken coloured flesh on display, and it reminded me that I've been meaning to do a cautionary photo series on Italian womanhood.

But it is of course, not just being overbaked and dressed like a four-dollar streetwalker that is unappealing.

Even though they travel much more these days than in the past, the Channel is still creating enough isolation to allow British women to specialise. There is certainly something uniquely awful about the grotesque amorality of British women.



Andrew Cusack said...

Here in London we also have an appreciable number of lovely, delightful, beautiful, vaguely intelligent women. (At least in the circles I'm familiar with).

Anonymous said...

At the thought of Greer Garson I can't even breathe...sigh!

Dymphna said...

I'd say it would have to be England. Between the BBC and Daily Mail I've seen some real horrors.

Anonymous said...

Australian women come a very, very close second to the British. Not so long ago, one could easily distinguish between streetwalkers and other women. Not anymore.


Louise said...

My whole circle tour of France was almost ruined by the sight of so many stunningly beautiful women, from six to well over 60 and beyond, in the cities, in the country. Whether sitting in the sidewalk cafes with their poodles at their feet or sitting in the open windows above the sidewalks of small towns, they were everywhere. Style personified. Even with half of me French, I could never look like the least of them.

John said...

The Green Howards used to have a lovely regimental march called the Bonnie English Rose. Maybe they still do in their new amalgamated status. You can hear it here:

Which, of course, doesn't have much to do with your post. But, as ever, there's no accounting for my stream of consciousness.