Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Queen of England

A friend of mine goes to the Rome Pub Quiz most weeks, and he was in a round in which the question was, "What is the most-Googled search term used this week with the words 'Kate' and 'Middleton'?"

The people in the round gave their guesses as

1) underwear

2) skank

3) tart

the correct answer was "bikini".


She's going to be Queen. Of. England.



Anonymous said...

Well, only Queen Consort.

FWIW, it seems that modelling see-through dresses in university now constitutes the ultimate in British marriage game theory/strategy.

An "example" and "lesson to the young".

Actually, relative to the laddette culture over there, she very well may be a good example, in a Bell Curve-kinda way.

Will our generation(s) be Bell Curved away from Hell?


hjw said...

I'm hoping to get rounded up.

Gregory said...

How does it go? "It is the habit of too many to mistake the idle gossip of the taverns for the voice of the nation." Something to that effect?


J said...

Why are other people's sleazy searches her fault? (unless she went around posing for pictures in her bikini)

Also, I think your dismay at her becoming queen gives way too much respect to the royal family. When is the last time the royal family has done anything worthwhile?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

They're her fault because she took her clothes off and paraded around half naked in public, got her picture in the papers and no one seems to be saying anything about it except to cheer.

I'm concerned about it because the monarchy is important. I'm a trad. The current degeneration of the British monarchy seems to me to be the last nail in the coffin of what is, essentially, the mother country of the western world.

J said...

Oh well if she was parading around in public that is different.

I still blame the British monarchy for the Anglican schism so I'm afraid I won't be shedding any tears for them as they get knocked around in the general swirl of western civilization disappearing down the drain. I would, however, consider shedding a tear or two for the general English culture that produced Newman, Chesterton, Belloc and Tolkien.

Sean M. Brooks said...

J: Your condemnation of the British royal family is too sweeping. You asked when they did any thing worthwhile? Well, I would suggest the Prince of Wales Trust. Prince Charles' program of giving low interest loans to small businesses was apparently a success. The Trust even made a profit from the loans being repaid by successful businesses.

So, I would consider this one worthwhile thing the Prince of Wales did!

Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

HJW said...

I have a teeny bit of respect for William himself. He graduated university and joined the military, which strikes me as deeply sensible. Now he's got a respectable job flying helicopters and rescuing people off the tops of mountains. Flight Lt. Wales.

Princess Anne has always been the one I hoped would succeed though.

HJW said...

Oh, and I've always approved of Prince Charles's efforts to undo the architectural and urban disaster that was visited on Britain since the war. He may be a bit of a flake but he's got sense about the urban environment.