Monday, November 22, 2010

Here's something to cheer y'all up

Ok, well, not really, I guess. But it's sort of fun in a nostalgic brings-you-back-to-Saturday-morning-cartoons sort of way.

Imagine how awful the world must be for us to look back on the '70s with a kind of fond nostalgia for lost innocence...

The '70s!


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Young fogey emeritus said...

Not bad for what it was: actually better as comedy that what it ripped off ('A Hard Day's Night' and 'Help!', cheapie films to make a buck off the Beatles; the second is one of the worst movies I've seen, tiresome and unfunny). Basically Marx Brothers-style banter with a colourful period veneer and enough of the innocence of the good '60s (before the Beatles helped ruin everything) to make it charming (like the Beatles themselves were in the beginning).

The music was competent: catchy stuff from a stable of grown-up New York pro songwriters like Neil Diamond.

Not the same as the disco/polyester '70s.

I understand Davy Jones lives relatively near me, raising horses (he was a jockey before becoming an actor) in upstate Pa.

- John Beeler