Monday, November 08, 2010

Irish person fun-fact

The Irish have a second person plural.

I heard it all weekend. They say "Ye" for when they're talking to a group.

No kidding.



Left-footer said...

So did my grandmother (died 1973) who came from Yorkshire. She used 'thee' and 'thou' too, when she had a point to make.

John said...

I've a feeling it's somewhat regional. My father-in-law (Drougheda & Longford) used it all the time. I don't think I've ever heard my wife (mostly Dublin) use it.

(But, of course, "you" is already 2d person plural. So if the folks doing the new English version of the N.O. Mass really wanted an accurate translation, they should be translating "tu" as "thou" and so forth. But that's a whinge for another venue.)



JD Carriere said...

Just like "Youse Guys" only better.

HJW said...

I've become fond of "y'all"

Lillibet said...

We use ye in Newfoundland too.