Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Surf's up

I'm told that Santa Marinella has one of Italy's best surfing beaches.

It's just down the bottom of the hill from my new flat.

Pebbles, not sand, but it doesn't cost anything in the summer and it's a lot cleaner than the main beach.

Took these the other day. It was cloudy, windy and the surf was tremendous.


Anonymous said...

You have to *pay* to go to a sandy beach in the summer?

Italy has lots of good stuff, but the beach situation is grim.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

naw. It's just a couple of euros. But it is horribly crowded and the entire beach is like a meat drying rack. Rows and rows of beach lounge chairs and umbrellas. Very artificial and weird. I like the pebble beach better.

Anonymous said...

Don't they have that big scary yellow thing in the sky where you are? That must make beachgoing very awkward, or are you getting used to it now?

My BIL is in London and has a photo of St Paul's with a bright blue summer sky. I think it's fake.

Commiserations re: the Gay March thingy.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I walk around all the time slathered in 50 spf sunblock, shrouded in long sleeves and long skirts, topped with a hat and all protected by a v. large umbrella.

I'm like a vampire living in Sunny Southern California.

Evil Yellow Face; can't get me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to trade in your umbrella and skirt for a wet suit and surf board? Just on the weekends of course :)