Thursday, June 11, 2009

Power to the People!

Michael Coren writes about the "BNP victory" in Britain,

...the British National Party received around 6% of the vote and returned two members to the European assembly. It is most unlikely that it could ever elect an MP in the House of Commons but the result has managed to introduce a new sound into the British governmental symphony.

...which is the part I'm enjoying. Politics is a sport best enjoyed from the bleachers and lately it has been almost as much fun watching the journalists/pundits doing their sideshow clown routine as it has been to watch the game itself.

Michael continues,
The British National Party does not goose-step. It has worked diligently to expunge the Nazi image of previous rightist parties, claiming to be nationalist rather than Fascist. It’s both true and false. Almost every believing right-wing extremist supports the BNP, but most BNP supporters are not right-wing extremists. [Which, BTW, describes the Republican party pretty well, don't you think?] Indeed, while the party is not trusted by the vast majority of minority groups, it does has a Jewish municipal councillor and some support in elements of the black, Hindu and Sikh communities.

Something interesting about the way Michael writes about this is quite telling about the difference between the reaction to the BNP and related political phenomena of Anglo-Canadians (me) and that of Raised-in-Britain British. He, an English guy who is still English enough to have a recognisable accent but who has lived in Canada for decades, looks at the BNP and examines its policies, membership, leaders and actions. He makes a few distinctions and comparisons and examines some historical precedents, quotes Orwell, and comes to a conclusion.

This in interesting contrast to the reaction to the BNP by Raised-in-Britain British. This more closely resembles the last scene in the 1979 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers when Donald Sutherland points at the last real human and lets out an unholy alien pod-person screech.

What that means, surprisingly, is that while Canada is so far gone into the socialist Matrix as to make its post-colonial existence more or less moot, there is still more rational capacity per capita (per journalistic capita I suppose) than in Britain, the homeland and cradle not only of democracy, but of journalism itself.

Nevertheless, I digress.

Something I've been meaning to mention.

Everyone keeps calling the BNP the "far right" party. But actually, I've read their manifesto and it strikes me as, well, a little too far to the left for my taste.

They still have this idea that it is a good thing for governments to take money away from private citizens for forcible redistribution to The Poor (and possibly also The Needy,) which necessitates the existence of that gargantuan taxpayer-funded black hole known as the welfare state. This seems to be comprised of gigantic tribes of doublethinking socialworkers who's only purpose in the appratus is to decide who qualifies as the P n'N. It has turned the British people into a nation of parasites where the first thought in times of personal trouble is always, "compensation". A nation of perpetually adolescent victims looking for ways to get their hands on other people's money.

The BNP, for example, propose to retain Britain's murderous experiment with "socialized" "health" "care". This is the system which has given us the wonders and joys of a board of government bioethicists who decide whether patients are worth the expense of keeping alive after they have ceased to be useful to the state. (Don't ever EVER forget the name Leslie Burke.) And that's quite apart from the general deterioration of the system that is plain to anyone who has rashly approached within fifty yards a British Casualty ward (when you can find a hospital that still has one).

Oh, and let's not forget that Britain's government funded medical system has given us one of the highest rates of abortion in the world, right after Russia and Quebec. Yeah, we need more of that like we need a kick in the head from a skinhead's Doc Marten.

There's a name for all this, kiddies:


I ain't on with socialism.


BillyHW said...

And that's why we love you.

Antonio said...

Someone told me that the BNP was anti-monarchist to boot. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Not every move for the common good is socialist though. I'd like to know what the traditional teachings of the Church are on taxation and the government's support of the poor.

Anyone know what Aquinas says?