Thursday, November 11, 2010

A friend says he is "speechless"

I wish I could say I were even surprised.

Her Majesty doesn't look too happy about it...

I commented:

I remember once reading that the local demon worshippers in Oxford wanted to put loudspeakers on the outside of their minarets to broadcast the call to idolatry all over town. There was a big controversy about it with some people wanting it stopped and others saying we have to be "culturally sensitive".

I wrote in to the paper suggesting a solution.

There are a LOT of bell towers and more than a few still-functioning bells in the city of Oxford. At the appointed time, when the heathens started howling over their loudspeakers, coordinate all the bell-ringers in the city to ring EVERY SINGLE BELL in town for the duration of the caterwauling.

All for the glory of God, of course.

Oddly, my suggestion was not printed.

H/T to John B.