Monday, September 28, 2015

Well... I am definitely feeling something present...

May no member of Christ’s Body and the American people feel excluded from the Pope’s embrace. Wherever the name of Jesus is spoken, may the Pope’s voice also be heard to affirm that: “He is the Savior”! From your great coastal cities to the plains of the Midwest, from the deep South to the far reaches of the West, wherever your people gather in the Eucharistic assembly, may the Pope be not simply a name but a felt presence, sustaining the fervent plea of the Bride: “Come, Lord!”

It could just be that this man and his supporters are doing what modern people do with words. Modern people don't think about what words mean. They follow the doctrine of Mao who said that we, the "West" who were at that time his opponents, were still labouring with the mental handicap that words mean things. No, no! Words, he said, are not a way of conveying meaning. They are little sticks of dynamite that you implant in people's brains to incite them to this or that desired action. To such people words are goads for driving a donkey. As a good Peronist populist demagogue, the evidence certainly would support the theory that Bergoglio has this attitude towards the things he says.

But aside from the few of us humans left who do remember what words are, there are two other classifications of rational beings who also know it. Whatever a Maoist, a Peronist or Jorge Bergoglio thinks their words are for, there are still powers who know what reality is. Whatever Bergoglio meant by this, the true meaning was not lost in Heaven or in Hell.



John said...

I suspect the Franciscans of the Immaculata may be feeling just a tad over-embraced.

Sue Sims said...

Hey, how dare you be nasty and cynical about the Humblest Pope Ever?

thetimman said...

Thank you, Hilary. Your writings are doing much to sustain me at present.

Liam Ronan said...

I must admit that whenever I hear Bergolio's gushing glossolalia I cry out 'Maranatha!'

Nicely written essay here. Gratias.

Anonymous said...

He's the eighth sacrament! And the most humble person in the world! And you can keep him, thanks very much.

Seriously though, Hilary, would you please give the source or occasion of this utterance.

Felix M