Sunday, September 20, 2015


Because nothing says "mercy" and "joy" like a seven-story high neon picture of a communist mass-murderer.

Yes folks, it's the Pope Francis in Cuba show! Brought to you by the Obama administration and Pope no-one-was-ever-merciful-in-the-Catholic-Church-until-I-came-along Francis.

Apparently, some of his biggest fans have been waiting for a long time to meet him.

Around 70% of Cuba's 11 million people practice syncretism, the blending of traditional Christianity with African religions that arrived on the island with the slaves imported during colonial times.

Only about 10% describe themselves as Catholic, once the dominant faith.

The Santeria tradition has survived both the hostility of the Catholic clergy and the state atheism the communist government decreed for more than three decades after the Cuban Revolution.

Today, many followers say they plan to turn out to greet the pope during his four-day visit.

"As pope, Francis has brought the honey that was missing in our lives," said Juan Manuel Perez Andino, a "babalawo," or Santeria priest.

He said he has seen a subtle shift in the Church under the Argentine pontiff, even if the Vatican and the Cuban clergy still officially frown upon Santeria.

"Now the Church lets us go there with the 'iyawo' (new initiate) to perform the ceremonies we need to," he said.
Mmmm... not really that subtle, actually.



Oakes Spalding said...

At 5:23:12 he winks at you, but only if you watch from the beginning.

Matthew said...

Benedict said Mass here too, just fyi.