Friday, September 11, 2015

So be good, for goodness sake!

Every day I feel more and more like that guy in the apocalypse movie. You know, the kind of movie where everyone is always standing around in groups arguing about stupid stuff while a giant flaming asteroid hurtles out of a clear blue sky muttering to itself, "Gonna kill everything and everyone ... Yessiree-bob, gonna do the thing..."

There's always one guy who walks away from that group of yelling people because he's seen something weird out of the corner of his eye. The camera follows him while he stares upward, crowd of stupid arguers in the background.

Cut to the giant flaming rock, now yelling, "Gonna take em out! Gonna flame all yer microbes! Gonna Peel All Yer Countries! GONNA EAT ALL YER COOKIES!!!

"UHHH... guys?..."




I feel like that guy.



Gerald said...

You're not the only one either. Problem is, most of the crowd have their eyes closed and fingers in their ears, humming as loud as they can to keep out the terrible Reality bearing down on us all.

Sue Sims said...

To take your analogy further, there is a second problem. Supposing some of the crowd acknowledges the apocalyptic rock (henceforth to be called 'the arockalypse'), what do they do about it? The arockalypse is descending at such a rate that no amount of running will allow them to escape, particularly since the arockalypse is so huge that its impact will probably destroy the world, either directly or through its effects.

In SF films, there's always something the godlike scientists can do. In real life, not so much. Where do we go if the Church herself appears to be self-destructing?

Dymphna said...

This is going seem crude but Europe has got to get over the Holocaust. Their great grandparents didn't hide Jews in the attic so now people are clamoring to take in savage warriors from a system that makes the Nazis look like talented students.

PammieNak said...

What James C said. Only a generation of overfed , over educated, over indulged people could come up with this cheerful apocalyptic ditty.