Sunday, July 05, 2015

The peaceable kingdom

There's a thing about Norcia that is wonderful but hidden, and something you won't realise until you've been here a little while and thought about it. Any town where there's a lot of people with Down's, working at jobs in shops, strolling in the evening with family, going to Mass, shopping and just being regular folks, is a town you want to live in.

It means they don't kill people here who the world thinks don't measure up. It means they cherish and love their children, and don't hold up a genetic measuring stick.

It's also a pretty good indication that it's also place where you're allowed to be a little less perfect than the world's idea of perfect.



Unknown said...

Thank you for this last. Our son has Down's and serves the Latin Mass here in California, which, unfortunately, is one of the regional capitals for such murderous acts of killing of the those "that don't measure up".

Thank you for your blog and God bless!


Michael Yoder

Chloe said...

Downs people are much nearer to perfect than the rest of us. I never met anyone with Downs that wasn't full of love. Norcia sounds wonderful!