Sunday, July 19, 2015

Off for a bit...

The screen of my 2010 Mac, that has been threatening to die for the last six months, has finally this morning become almost unusable. It's currently only showing half of any page that's open.

So, the Mac is taking a little trip down to Rome to spend a while in the Mac store getting fixed, and I am staying here to hang with the kitties and will be computerless until it comes home.

But here's the catch. I could really use a little help paying for the fix. It's off warranty and the last fix I did (new keyboard and trackpad) was 400 Euros.

If anyone could see their way to dropping a few bucks in the paypal tip jar, that would be a great help. Send me an email at and I can give you the info.

Thanks, and talk to y'all soon.


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