Friday, March 20, 2015

Winnie update

Winnie and I are just finishing our supper and watching a little TV before bed. She's doing that adorable thing again, sitting behind me on the chair and butting her head up against my shoulder while she falls asleep. I've had to push her back onto the chair cushion twice now before she slips off entirely.

Last Sunday she was in such a state, that I was once again sure we were looking at her last day, or at least last 48 hours, but Dr. B. came again and saved the day. For the last few days she's been almost bouncy. I've been feeding her with her all-time favourite thing, chicken livers, which I mince up fine and mix with her special diet food. Every time I feed her, she runs over to the dish. So I guess she's not quite ready to give up yet.

Today, as I was puttering around the garden and watching the eclipse, she came out of the house and nosed around, sniffing the new grass and sat for a few minutes in the sun. I was going to get a pic, but the camera batteries chose that moment to crap out.

As a friend said, we're on her timetable and when she's ready to go, she'll go. Until then, we hang out.


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