Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cheery thought for the day

Years ago, I was having a conversation with Paul Tuns of the Interim and the guy who gave me my first political lobbying job in Toronto about the future. We joked that there was no point in worrying about retirement on pro-lifer salaries since by the time we were old enough to retire, the governments of the western world would already have legalised euthanasia and would probably already be using it to get rid of people like us.

I remembered that conversation a few weeks ago when ISIS murdered those Copts about 500 km from Italian soil and started thinking maybe I wouldn't have to wait until Big Brother decided to purge his enemies.

Quite pleased with myself today for coming up with one of my better lines.

About the response to ISIS by the Vatican diplomatic mission to the UN

What doesn’t the Vatican delegate’s polite, politically correct, jargon-laden joint statement say? It does not say what Catholic prelates, including popes, used to say routinely: that Christian civilisation is better than the vigorous barbarism and the bloated and enervated classical pagan fatalism it replaced 2000 years ago. It is better than Islam, that dominates what we now call the Middle East, the ancient Christian homeland brutally conquered by Mohammed’s ruthless, salacious and bloodthirsty will to power. And it is better than the predatory relativistic secularism, spawned out of 18th century Freemasonry, that still has its venomous fangs sunk into the twitching corpse of Christendom.

Anyway, back to Big Bang Theory...


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James C said...

No doubt Pope Francis's washing of more Muslim feet on Maundy Thursday will console Islamic State and spare Rome from attack, not to mention his next visit to Lampedusa.

It'll be just like Leo the Great and the Huns. At least, that is the impression I got from somebody's window in L'Aquila yesterday..