Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So, I finally caved.

I finally got the internet full speed in my new place. I had no other choice. I had to work and my internet stick - which was very helpful at rationing my internet time - was out of juice and could not be recharged for another two days. With Little Winnie sick, I felt I couldn't be away from home working down the hill for hours at a time, so I gave in and registered for the Telecom Italia account that came as part of the package with my landline.

I only got the stupid landline because it came as part of the package with the Telecom plan I bought for my cell phone, so I didn't have to keep ricarica-ing my phone. Of course, now I really don't remember why I wanted to get a full time mobile plan, except that for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to give an international telecommunications conglomerate my home address so they could bother and pester me at home any time they wanted. Because I clearly needed more utilities bills in my life, along with all the joy utilities companies bring to our days. (With the added extra-special joy of it being Italy, so you're more likely to get hit by lightning than for your bill to arrive at your house in the post. This probably the only country in the world where getting a phone bill is actually cause for rejoicing.)

Now, not only have I got a landline I will never use myself, or give anyone the number for, I've got Big Brother Internet invading my home like an obnoxious encyclopaedia salesman.

Because, Modernity! Shiny, shiny Modernity! It's the BEST!

But on the upside, I can finally get back to my old TV show and YouTube addictions and stop going outside so much and getting all that exercise in the fresh air and sunshine.





Anonymous said...

In November, 2013, my mom had a knee replacement, and I stayed at my parents' house to care for her. My brothers and sisters-in-law would visit; one sister-in-law would stay for long periods as my mom got better. One day, she opened the warehouse-store-sized bin of chocolate-covered raisins, and said, "How on Earth do you manage not to dive into this at all hours?" I grinned and said, "I tell myself that they're pills."

Pretending can be a good tool sometimes.

Lorena B.

Bernadette (Birmingham) said...

Hilary, I'm glad you got high speed internet. I have enjoyed your last couple of posts immensely. The duck one - I'm still laughing.

The way I see it is, we might as well use these facilities while we can. A time will come when we can't. Let's not impose that on ourselves.

Keep posting. You are a tonic. We love you.

Louise L said...

"This probably the only country in the world where getting a phone bill is actually cause for rejoicing."

Laughing. In the US everyone wants a piece of your pie and makes sure they get it.