Monday, January 19, 2015

In a mood...

Most of Friday and all of Saturday and Sunday with no internet. I read books. I went for long walks in the country. I stacked firewood. I went to church and heard the Divine Office. I nursed my cat and took her down to the monastery to get her blessed on the Festa di Sant' Antonio. I wrote about the plants and trees native to the Valnerina in my notebook. I worked on my fairy story. I did some mending. I watched my favourite TV show on DVD. I chatted with my friends in real life. I did housework.

It was almost like normal life again.

The cat is a little better after a really bad spell on Friday. Every time I tried to get her to eat or drink anything, I would put the dish right under her nose, hoping the smell of nice food would make her want to eat. But every time, she would just turn her face away like it was the awfulest thing she'd ever smelled.

Today, within three minutes of turning on the damned internet, I suddenly know exactly what she feels like.

When I was at the computer store, I was chatting with the Computer Store Guy, and said that I'd read somewhere that the entire internet comes to the Old World via a cable, about as thick as a man's thumb, that runs along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. There's nothing protecting it, no plastic tube or anything. It could get cut at any moment, and then, finally, things could go back to normal. Wouldn't that be nice?



Anonymous said...

If Winnie is nauseous the smell of food will turn her stomach even more. Try spooning it down like you did the last time if she's fasting too much.

Last year I read about a big rambling house in rural Wales going for song. Nobody wanted to buy it because of the cost involved in setting up an internet connection in that isolated valley. That would have been a selling point for me.


Anonymous said...

The answer to your question, Hilary, is a forceful and resounding...



Ben Whitworth said...

And your favourite TV show is ... Firefly? House of Cards (1990 version with Ian Richardson)? Father Brown (with Kenneth More)? Homicide: Life on the Streets? I think we should be told.

Louise L said...

The Interwebz put me in a very bad mood today. :(