Thursday, January 08, 2015

Had enough "multiculturalism" yet?

Financial Times on Parish magazine massacre:

"Some common sense would be useful at publications such as Charlie Hebdo”


Perhaps I lack a sufficient quantity of this virtue...

I once had a brief conversation with a pretty girl in Indigo books. It was the year Ezra Levant's Western Report magazine published something or other that had "offended Muslims" and I was in Indigo (a now-defunct Canadian book chain superstore that I normally never went into) to see if I could get a copy.

Actually, I knew perfectly well that I wouldn't find a copy of it, but for some reason, I was feeling bloody-minded and I went in to see how many of the staff I could annoy by asking for it.

I said to the girl, "I couldn't see the latest edition of Western Report."

"Oh, that one's been taken down."

"Oh? Why?"

"Well, it got a lot of complaints."

"What kind of complaints?"

"Oh, you know... people found it offensive, so we took it off the shelves because we didn't want any incidents."

"Incidents? What kind of incidents? Which people were these?"

"Well, you know. We're a volatile people, so it's best not to offend us."


"Well, those are my people and it was insulting our religion."

"Well, that's funny because over there in what Indigo calls the 'Christianity' section, there are a bunch of books that I, as a believing Catholic, find deeply offensive and insulting, so why do you think they're not being pulled off the shelves?... Could it be it because the Vatican doesn't issue fatwas?"



Anonymous said...

You know what Al-Qaida and Isis and the like are saying? :"Yes baby, finish with this stupid multi-culturalism, and then when you all (and not just a few) are your old Christian Islam-hating selves, let's fight, knives and swords and machine guns in hand like real men (and women), killing eachother like brutes that we were in older times on the battlefield.... But wait, oh stupid of us, since you already came with your airplanes and machine guns and misslies and airplane careers and drones and already killed innocents in thousands and caused the death of much more. So, only put away that hypocritical multicultural mask of yours bring it on you brutes".

Not that I am for multiculturalism.
Seriously, I thought you of all, who knows the nature of modernity, were more intelligent than that. What you advocate are exactly the purpose of these attacks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you should know better than to break The Rules.

Anyway, I think your theory is right. But I'm not sure what we should really do to get these Muslims off our backs. Modern warfare is so highly destructive that we risk complete destruction.

I don't think ignoring the bastards will solve the problem and they aren't just going to go away.

We can pray a lot for their conversion which is probably the very first thing we should be doing anyhow, but what do you propose the world's leaders should do? Just ignore the problem?

Louise L

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the Rules. I am not a professional commenter here or any where else. Sorry for my ignorance of them.

Read a little bit of history. One day the Christian West was overjoyed about the hegemony the modern technology and modern state offered it to become the dominant neighbor, dreamed of the time when the Turk menace would never be, destroyed an empire and left what remained as fragmented disfunctional states in total cultural void and disarray. Today, the Christian, not seeing these sins of past, would like to continue the same game in front of any new trouble: Proving that ours is the smarter, the holier, the better, the more human one by showing off its weapons, its cultural and technological superiority, and at the same time nagging about the very same modernism which has brought these "gifts".

Before throwing any stones at muslims, the criminal ones of Isis or Al-Qaida, or the majority who are amalgamed with them based on hearsay and amateurish, childish analysis of an unknown religion, you'd better ask yourself this: Why is that there is a conflation in what you call "muslim" mind between secularism, athesim, modernism, anti-religion, the whole gang in brief, with Christianity? Where did that come from? Why would Isis congradulate the assassination of CH editors by tweeting about 'a blow to the chirldren of Cross?' What is the connection between the cross and CH (if you know that journal, you understand what I am saying here.)

These people you call muslims are on your back because in the first place you got there and gave them the above mentioned gifts. Who is paying for what sin here? And who is putting his/her head in the sand and seeks an escape-goat to sacrifice on the altar, again, so that he/she feels the holier?

Anonymous said...

You ask a lot of questions. I was more interested in an answer.

Louise L

PS The Rules are on the sidebar. Please read them as this is Hilary's blog. The first rule you need to obey is to at least give yourself a plausible name.

Anonymous said...

Actually, The Rules are a long way down the side bar. So here, I'm feeling magnanimous.

Louise L

Russ said...

Mea culpa for my breaking the rules. As I said, since I am not going to be a regular commenter. I will just choose a name for this last post as an identifier, for the moment. If I be back, I will justify my name according to the rules.

As for the answer: If the question is not asked correctly, there cannot be a proper answer. And for finding the proper question, a lot of questions must be first asked.

And since you asked about the world leaders. I don't think there is much they can do about preventing worse catastrophes. They too are part of the problem themselves, trapped in a mentality which is driving us sall to perdition and without changing that mentality, no real answer is there. But since you ask, here is what they can do:

Stop dreaming of exporting democracy and western values (which are constantly changing by the way) by exporting weapons and using force, and forsake the cheap oil. ($20,000,000,000 is the amount money which has been used by the Kingdom to propagate Wahhabism in the world in the last 40 years. Where did that money come from?)

Can they really do it, or is it too unprofitable an offer for them and for our oversized egos and cherished comfort?

Anonymous said...

I think I would agree with your suggestion about what the world leaders can do.

You say that I call these people "Muslims." Well, aren't they? Isn't that what they would call themselves?

Ann Barnhardt is a writer who suggests, amongst other things, that Islam is not even a religion, but merely a Political system. I'm giving that some consideration.

As for my reading of history, I'm inclined to think it's a great shame we didn't win all the Crusades, especially the First.

Louise L

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Well, look what happens when I leave the salon on its own to get some shut-eye.

Thanks for minding the store so well, Louise. And for doing all the reading. I don't really have too much interest in these long too-many-words kinds of discussions anymore. Ploughing through these often incoherent, badly punctuated and grammatically incomprehensible rants is a game for the young.

"tl/dr" is getting to be my favourite internet tag.

Louise gets the gold star of the week.

Anonymous said...

Awww. Thanks.

"Ploughing through these often incoherent, badly punctuated and grammatically incomprehensible rants is a game for the young."

*Sigh* I feel young again. :)

Louise L