Thursday, February 06, 2014


Wait, what?

It's Thursday?!

Bloody hell!

Sorry I missed a day. I've been trying to concentrate on posting something every day.

I looked at the stats for this site a while ago, and noticed that after hitting a peak of just over 1000 posts in 2008, the year I moved here, the number of posts per year has dwindled down to a rather sad 266 in 2013. I think I know why. In 2008, I started using Facebook for throwing up little bitty things, links to articles, dumb stuff that made me laugh for a second, and stopped doing that here. I'm sure that was the majority of the decline.

But despite this, I have seen that the same c. 500 people still come every day. The number of readers in our little picnic club has remained steady for most of the ten years I've been doing this. This is exactly how I like it. I know how to "boost site stats," and could certainly go around the net crassly promoting the blog by leaving comments and links and pathetically begging for attention, but we both know that's not what this is for.

It's more like a salon, where new people are welcome if they are properly introduced, get the jokes and have enough social skills not to go about insulting the other guests or dropping cake crumbs on the carpet.

A few weeks back, Mike Matt posted a link to something of mine to The Remnant's site, and it got the most single-page hits of any post I've ever posted, 1523 (at today's count). Most of my posts get an average of about 30-40. Rod Dreher linked to a link that our buddy Steve Skojec put up of something I'd written about the two popes and Anne Catherine Emmerich (1065) and every now and then, Kathy Shaidle links her behemoth blog to something I've done, and we have to run around and get the sails down before the storm hits. But on the whole, it's about 30-50, with the really popular ones shooting up to 200.

I'm quite happy with the status quo here. You guys are like a little club, and it's really been fun working out ways to keep y'all entertained over the last decade (Holy moly!!) and I think we're going to try to keep things just the same.

Time keeps going, and things keep changing, but we don't have to pay attention to that here.

But I will try to post more often.

Meanwhile, here's some more Blues Brothers



Anonymous said...

A decade! Man!

I listened to your interview of the young folk at the Vatican (I think) who were at a Catholic university but weren't sure if abortion should qualify as an important social justice issue.

Now, this is how weird my brain can be. I *know* perfectly well that you are Canadian and yet I subconsciously expected you to sound English. Posh English, in fact. So when I heard your Canadian accent, I was temporarily off balance. Weird brain!

Louise L

Anonymous said...

no captcha! woo-hoo!

Louise L

Anonymous said...

Glad to be a part of the status quo! I really enjoy your writing, and try to check in here often. Thank you, and please keep up the fine work.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I know, weird eh?

And about the accent, it's funny how many people in Canada can't figure out where I'm from either. It's because Victoria produces its own unique regional accent that matches nothing else in the world.