Friday, February 21, 2014

That's 'Domine,' to you!

Sometimes my job leaves me helpless with laughter. Grim, humourless and horrified, but laughter nonetheless...

I just had cause to use Google to ask, "What's the gramatically correct plural for 'dominatrix'?"

Maybe it's too early to be working. I still haven't had my tea and it seems to be making me a bit strange.

UPDATE Well, I'm happy to be informed that the "industry standard" plural is "dominatrices".

And I rejoice that they are using correct Latin.

I hope we also are using the correct form for the vocative: s. domin-e, pl. domin-i,



Romulus said...

If you're addressing a dominatrix, the vocative would be "domina".

Anonymous said...

My guess is: None of the above.
Here's why:
e.g.: "Sub tuum praesidium confugimus Sancta Dei Genitrix..."
Genitrix is in the voc. and is a noun of agency, as is "dominatrix" (Allen & Greenough 236). Dominatrix is likely to follow the same pattern (unless you can cite a grammar stating otherwise).

Long live Wheelock's!