Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quo vadis?

I was in the crowd that day. It was Benedict's last Angelus. Everyone was in tears, young and old.

It seemed that, in slow motion before me, an assistant television cameraman put his hand to his mouth in a cartoon-like gesture of astonishment, the monsignor sitting next to me started to sob quietly, Archbishop Gänswein’s shoulders seemed to drop. The cardinals leaned forward to make sure they understood precisely what was being said and I found myself checking that my jaw wasn’t dropping open. Then there was silence.



Seraphic said...

It was really such a shock. I was in Canada. But up at 6. I saw Fr. Athanasius's agonized remark on Facebook & quickly checked the Telegraph. It just did not compute. I woke up up my husband to tell him. We were frightened & felt betrayed -perhaps even left to the wolves. A death,though sad, would at least have been normal.

Felix said...

I'm not shocked by what happens in the Church. But I also felt very, very sad and, yes, betrayed. (I now assume that our dear Papa Benedict acted appropriately.)