Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nope, no vocations crisis over here...

There are a lot of reasons I live here and not in Angloland. One of which is the superabundance of monasteries, and the fact that the Italians retain the faith that includes an appreciation of the worth of monasticism.

Imagine any of the state broadcasters in the Commonwealth countries doing a series, consisting of dozens of episodes, on "a day in the life" of every monastery in the country. Well, TV 2000 has been doing it for years, and it's pretty popular.

Maybe one of the reasons there isn't much of a "vocations crisis" in Italian monastic life? People see it, on tv, all the time.

Well, now that we've got YouTube, so can you.

I passi del silenzio



Unknown said...

That and their economy's in the pan.
But that would be cynical, wouldn't it?
How about figuring out why a country that's be influenced by the One Holy Catholic and has the Pope living inside it has some of the highest rates of corruption in Europe; the moral and ethical effects of these monks/nuns doesn't seem to be that high, does it?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Hmmm... do I like your tone?

No, no I think I don't. I must ask you to amend it or risk expulsion from the premises.

Please consult the commbox rules posted to the sidebar to you left, regarding "nasty".

Tom Pozzi said...

Nice little vibrant traditional community you have there.... Shame if anything were to happen it (see: Friars, Franciscans of the Immaculate).