Saturday, January 25, 2014

Feeling sorry for inanimate objects

When I was little, I used to feel sorry for my left hand because my right hand gets to do everything. I used to try doing more things with my left hand so it didn't feel left out...



Bernadette (Birmingham) said...

weird. My daughter was telling me this morning that she does this. she also had some bizarre facts about left-handed people, one being that they live, on average for 7 years less than right-handed people. Sounds slightly wrong to me.

Hilary, can you direct me to a good example of an abortion survivor who is from the UK ? The many good examples are from the US. I need one to use for a talk next week. Can't find a UK one.


Felix said...

I'm not that concerned, as I tend to use my left hand a fair bit.

But I do resonate with wishing to be polite to inanimate objects. The really problematic things are lifts/elevators that speak to passengers - I just have to make a polite response in return.