Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gen-X test

OK, hands up everyone who used to get up early, voluntarily, before school to watch Starblazers.

Come on, admit it. Get em up.

Even then it was like a countersign for nerds. I met my first boyfriend in high school using it. In art class one day, this cute boy suddenly popped up and said, "Hey, anyone watch Starblazers this morning?" I knew I had a winner.

Well, they've remade it.

Shinier, cooler, but still Starblazers.



Lucy said...

A friend and I (aged seven)used to march around the playground singing the 'Starblazers' theme songs. However, 'Battle of the Planets' was my great love...

nic j said...

Shinier, and more, oh, what's the word? japanese...

But clearly I have been missing out until ten minutes ago!