Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sound of Thunder Game - bumped up

We've been having such great responses to the Sound of Thunder Game, I thought we should bump it up. So far my favourites have been Sinéad with "To sleep with the fishes Margaret Sanger. To advise Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper not to get on that plane." And "Childermass" with "To warn: I'd put together a DVD tour of mainline and Evangelical Protestantism with all their bastard children (Catholic Modernists included) and make Martin Luther watch it 20 times in a row."

(btw: Childermass, the only reason your offering wasn't deleted was it made me laugh out loud, for realsies. Please see the commbox rules posted to the sidebar to the left regarding the use of assumed names, monickers and pseudonyms. We're very strict around here about using real or plausible sounding names.)

I call it the "Sound of Thunder" game.

Everyone will know the general gist: you meet someone with a time machine who says you can go back in time and kill one person in order to change, and hopefully improve, the course of history.

So, tell who you would pick and the rest of us get to guess why and how the course of history would be improved/changed.

Less violent variant, for those with delicate sensibilities, is to go back in time and give a single piece of information to a single person. Who would you pick, and what would you tell him?

I'll go first.

My first pick to shoot, would be William of Ockham.

Second pick would be Henry V of England while he was on campaign in France. And I would tell him, "Buddy, boil your water for ten minutes before you drink it."

OK, now you.



Anonymous said...

Finally, I half won something! And today is my birthday so thank you!

I watched 2 old episodes of Spooks last night called Gas and Oil from 2005. Nasty scenes mirroring what is happening in France between the police, Manif protesters and the media. I can't remember when I last heard of Cyprus and Greece on the news. So I will say to shoot dead Gramsci since he has inspired too many twits in politics and busy-body causes.

To advise the Queen to take Prince Charles up on his non-negotiable Camilla offer and make Princess Anne next in line. I think she has more of her parents in her than her brother and England will need that strong backbone over the next few decades.


Anonymous said...

To shoot: JJ Rousseau, once before writing his Confessions and once after.

To warn: Nicholas II of Russia, to get his act together or else. If he couldn't manage that, at least to make out a proper will.


Karen K said...

I'm usually just a lurker here, but this is too good to,pass up...

To kill: can I pick two? It's a toss-up between Mohammed and Karl Marx.

To give info: I would warn Claus Von Stauffenberg to plant the bomb in a better position.

John said...

No one takes my advice now. It's difficult to believe that there would be a different result in an earlier age.

Nevertheless, I'd like to go back to 1951 and try to change the Naval orders that sent my father to his death.

Who to plug? Why, William Tecumseh Sherman sometime before he pillaged my home state. Would it have changed anything? Unlikely, I suppose. Still, the murderer, arsonist, and abettor of rapists and thieves would've richly deserved it.



Teresa B. said...

My husband would kill Cain before he got to Abel.

My husband would also tell Eve to stay away from the snake.

(but then he wouldn't have a job teaching religion)

Teresa B. said...

I would kill Thomas Boleyn.

I would tell Franz Josef not to become Supreme Commander and also tell him to get rid of Karl Grunne.

John said...

"Mr Truman, they have already made the decision to surrender."

Anonymous said...

Agree with Margaret Sanger.

To tell: I would tell Jeri Ryan to not use her husband's alleged sexual desires as ammunition in the courtroom, and that records which are kept under seal can be exposed.

Then her now-ex husband Jack Ryan would not have been forced to withdraw from the Senate race that he was winning, and thus, the last nine years would have been different, and the biggest pro-abortion, anti-Catholic fanatical zealot to occupy high office would be withering away in Illinois.