Monday, June 03, 2013

Found a new painter

Rosemary Adcock

whose somewhat abstracted, cartoony religious paintings took a little looking-at to get to like, but the first thing one notices is the joy.

And the series of Russian peasants, in a much more realist style, will take your breath away.



Rosemarie Adcock said...

hi. Thanks for perusing my work! The paintings appear cartoony as you call it because the digital images are minute comparing to the size of the finished paintings. Wish I could find a way around that but haven't been able to yet. In person people tell me they glisten and they have a hard time not looking at the colors. So perhaps one of the4se days you might stop by an exhibit if I am ever in your area. Thanks again for posting my work. :-) Have a lovely day!

Teresa B. said...

Very nice! I really like Noah and the animals.I am not an artist but I love the colours!
I have never seen a painting or picture of Christ holding the bitten apple in the Garden of Gethsemane. I liked that.

Teresa B. said...

I just watched the Live Portrait of the Crucifiction. That was pretty cool!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I love her animals. They're beautiful without being anthropomorphized. Not so keen on the abstracted human figures, which is what I really meant by "cartoony".

These religious paintings really remind me of the beautiful little 15th century painting I saw once in the Doria Pamphilj gallery. A female saint, whose name I forget, in a brilliant blue dress sitting in a garden. The perspective was a little abstracted, but the details of the flora and fauna in the mystical garden was all of a modern, scientific botanical drawing quality. It was something I loved about the 15th century painters; they were really into nature.