Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well, that's annoying: stepped on the scales last night and found that I'd gone up 1.4 kilos since starting exercise classes. This is especially vexing since I was starting to think that I was looking slightly better. Francesco the Helpful Pilates Guy said it's because I've started putting on more muscle mass but haven't started burning fat yet. He and the gym owner/trainer have decided to take me on as a project, starting tomorrow morning. I'm an experiment, to see if an old lady whose had her metabolism more or less surgically removed can be brought back to life. I spose it couldn't hurt. Or at least won't do me any harm.

I've collected an array of fun exercise videos and it's a funny thing that I can actually get motivated to do it just by watching a couple of them. It just looks like fun, and I can hear my brain saying, "Hey, let's try that, I bet it will feel good." And oddly, it does. My secret is to put the exercise video on one window and my 80s club and synthpop mix playlists on another window, turn the sound off on the exercise video and just remember how much fun it was to dance in clubs in my 20s.

What the hell. No one's watching except the cat. And she's very open-minded.


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Anonymous said...

It's muscle! Throw the scale IN THE TRASH and use measurements only. - Karen