Friday, December 09, 2011

Note to self

Do something normal this weekend, pretend that life is going ahead and that everything will turn out OK.

Go see that Lippi exhibition at the Quirinale.



Niall Mor said...

I think this note to self is an excellent suggestion. I won't say "I know exactly how you feel," because I don't. I'm not you, and I don't have cancer. I do, however, know what it feels like to have continuing, long-term medical problems and to be anxious about what the future might bring. If you spend all your time dwelling on your fears, anxieties, and worst case scenarios, you can rob yourself of the joy and pleasure that are still out there waiting to be experienced.

What can we, your readers, do for you that will be helpful and comforting to you in this difficult time without crossing boundaries or activating your creep-out alarms? We really do want to help.

Steve T. said...

Miss White,

I do believe you'll enjoy this article: