Monday, December 26, 2011

Her Maj.


So glad she's ditched the tedious political correctness.



Gene Peck said...

Beautiful message and in this day of P.C. and the uprising of atheistic lies, may I say bravely spoken by Her Majesty.

Felix said...

She may be getting feistier as she gets older (and as she sees the mess to which lies lead us.)

I hope to see an even more outspoken message from Her Majesty when she celebrates her centenary!

Adulio said...

God save the Queen!

Ingemar said...

False advertising! When you said "ditched the tedious [PC]" I was half hoping the Queen would say, "I'm so sick of the desis and n*****s stinking up my Island!" Then I realized that would be more of a Prince Philip thing. Bless 'is 'eart."

Coming from me, that sounds like an Alan criticizing a Vandal for attacking Rome.