Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beat the Man

A lot of Rome's museums won't let you take photos. I've learned to be quite adept at sneaking my camera around with my coat over my arm.

Vicky decided to stick it to The Man in her own way at the Lippi exhibition.



BillyHW said...

I hate stupid rules and the people who make them.

Anonymous said...

Well it's a money making exercise isn't it? If you can't take photos you're forced to buy their crappy postcards and books. Mind you, sometimes it's worth buying a book simply for their hilarious English translations. My husband and I had a lot of fun with one we bought in Ravenna.


Anonymous said...

It IS just to "make" us buy their books and posters. It backfires with me, because I deliberately DON'T buy anything from their shops. Serves them right for being so petty.