Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Purcell Wednesday: Passacaglia from King Arthur

Well, I've got the internet stick charged up for another month, have packed, moved, unpacked, cleaned, organised, dusted, mopped, had a party, cleaned up after the party, gone to another party, got the kitchen fully functional, figured out where the mail box is, hung mostquito netting so I can sleep at night, shopped, gone swimming/snorkeling in the Med twice and my flowers are blooming on the balcony. Even the cat has stopped looking freaked out. So I guess it's safe to say that I'm all settled in to my new place. (Now if only I can get the hot water heater up and running...but anyway, it's June in Italy, so, as Steve said, taking hot showers is a sign of an unbalanced mind.)

All of which means that I anticipate a return to regularly scheduled blogging.

To that end, and by request, O's P is happy to present

the Passacaglia from Purcell's opera King Arthur.

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