Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nulla dies sine linea

I must simply face up to the obvious fact that learning to draw in the academic style is difficult. It is something that will require time and attention and daily practice. I can't say I'm studying unless I'm doing it every day.

I got the expression above from Mr. Ruskin, and understand it is the motto of the Art Students' League in New York.

There is but one question ultimately to be asked respecting every line you draw, Is it right or wrong? If right, it most assuredly is not a "free" line, but an intensely continent, restrained and considered line; and the action of the hand in laying it is just as decisive, and just as "free" as the hand of a first-rate surgeon in a critical incision.
John Ruskin



Fr. T. said...

Nulla also one of St. Philip's Maxims, and no doubt goes back to some hoary old Roman, perhaps Ovid.

Anonymous said...

Pliny attibutes it to the Greek painter Apelles, actually!

God bless!